What is VIVA Unlimited about?

For decades, the sanitary pad has stayed the same and although new period products have been introduced to the market, women with heavy periods or those with an active lifestyle are still facing the same old dilema - either put their lives on hold till it is all over or put up with the mess.

We find these challenges not acceptable and decided to change the period experience.

Our Mission

The discomfort women go through every month sinds the age of 12 approximately, and the lifestyle challenges that go with it are underestimated. That's not right.

Our Mission is to enable women to live their lives on THEIR terms during period time!

This means provide high quality sanitary pads tailored to accomodate the blood flow! Pads that provide comfort, protection and freedom.

No more wait-till-it's-over, no more embarrassing situations because of leaking products. No more missing school, skipping gym, not showing up for a training, calling off a party. 

With much love and appreciation

Team VIVA Unlimited