We have one purpose only

Redefining the current period experience

Having your period?

Absolutely nothing to worry about!

Although we can't take the pain away, we can make sure you experience maximum comfort and protection. The days that our ‘preferred’ choice of clothing during our period was black pants are gone! And so are the days when our primary goal in public places was to figure out where the nearest bathroom is in case we had to run to it.

VIVA pads equal FREEDOM!

Why VIVA Unlimited?

So you can fully enjoy

Your favorite sport

Continue to optimize your sport performance also during your period days. With our ultra-thin and super absorbent sanitary pads you can enjoy freedom of movement and maximum protection

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So you can fully enjoy

A lazy day off (alone or with friends)

VIVA sanitary pads are designed to pamper you during your period. Experience unmatched comfort and ease!

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So you can fully enjoy

A party

Party with confidence knowing that our high-quality products offer maximum comfort and protection up to 6 hours

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YOU Deserve The BEST

Gift yourself the best gift

Yes, we mean it. Gift yourself the ultimate experience of mess-free AND worry-free period days and enjoy your life!

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  • "I can now go to sleep and not worry about my bed"

    "I used to have messy nights during my period... Now I can now go to bed and not worry about my sheets. What a relieve!"

  • "My teenage daughter used to hate everything about her period and her body"

    "My teenage daughter started her period at the age of 15 and hated everything about it because of the constant fear that she would leave a red spot on her chair or get a red spot on her clothes. Now she never worries anymore as VIVA pads are so good and she can wear them up to 6 hours!"

  • "I couldn't believe I could just do my work as a high school teacher during my heavy periods"

    "I am a teacher and never dared to sit down in the class as I was afraid I will get a stain on my clothes, so I would stand the whole day long, but haven't had to do that since I started using VIVA pads. Thanks a million!"

  • "I always needed to wear 2 pads at the same time to make sure it didn't leak"

    "Being used to wearing 2 pads at the same time and still getting accidents, I was astonished at how thin and absorbent the VIVA pads are! I don't want anything else anymore!"

  • "I wanted to quit taking the pill but was affraid of my heavy periods"

    "After I quit taking the pill, I had to take a day off every month because of my heavy periods. Using the VIVA pads is like a dream to me! A whole new reality."